English Summer Camp
Jesselton College is honored to offer English Summer Camp to all students from anywhere around the world. Ranked as one of the top travel destination, we seize the opportunity of combining education and travelling to achieve activity based learning method in a higher level.
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JC English Summer Camp is an activity based learning for English Language. You will not only be learning the language in classrooms, but you will be travelling famous travel destinations in the meantime.

Learning Objectives

4-5 hours


To introduce students to the verb “be” in the simple present tense and how to add articles, adjectives, and nouns to it and to introduce students to other simple present tense statements, negatives, questions, and short answers, as well as imperatives, adverbs of frequency, and simple modals at the introductory level.
Voc<br />abu<br />lary
4-5 hours


To introduce students to basic English vocabulary including greetings, family members, numbers, places in a home, names of cities, countries, continents, as well as daily activities, transportation, clothes, colors, foods, parts of the body, illnesses, and holidays.Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash
Lis<br />ten<br />ing
4-5 hours


To develop students’ understanding of basic spoken English words through focused listening and understanding of general and specific details in simple conversations.Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash
Spe<br />aki<br />ng
4-5 hours


To get students to focus on specific sounds such as /r/, /sh/, /ch/, and final /-s/ as well as intonation of basic vocabulary or word stress and to ask yes/no questions politely and provide logical response. Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

What are people saying?

99.35% of students are fully satisfied with JEI English Summer Camp.
I am from the West Malaysia, I worried that joining the camp alone would be a bad idea at first. But JEI employees are very friendly and helpful that I felt like home when I was in Sabah.
Chat Mei Han
Chat Mei Han West Malaysia
我来自个大城市,JEI 的员工们让我体会真正的待客之道。不仅学了不少英语,还能见证大自然的美丽。我大力推荐各位铁哥们一定要来试这培训班!
Hao Tian, Wu
Hao Tian, Wu China
95.2% of the students would recommend JEI English Summer Camp to their friends and family.
99.99% of our students would recommend JEI English Summer Camp to their friends
Sabah is a place filled with fresh air and an example of the beauty of mother nature. Not only did I improve my English in this program, it has changed my point of view in how beautiful the Earth really is.
Kim Yun Young
Kim Yun Young South Korea
“The English Summer camp that JEI provide is truly an astounding experience. I get to visit so many travel destinations in Sabah and get to take a lot of pictures
Nathalie Jane
Nathalie Jane Philippines
100% of our students showed massive improvements over 50% improvement before they joined JEI Summer Camp

What is included

English Tuitions and Materials
Tuition and materials provided
Full Room and Board
Accommodation with 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance for your stay during the Summer Camp
English Certificate
English certificate provided at the end of the Summer Camp
Travel and Tours
Visitations to at least 6 famous Sabah travel destinations
* Hotel accommodation available in double rooms with breakfast.
* Participants of same gender will share double rooms.
* Additional fee will be charged should additional single rooms are requested.
* Lunch and Dinner will be provided by the college.

Travel Destinations Highlights

Sightseeing Kota Kinabalu City Tour
Cultural Getaway Borneo Cultural Village
Cultural Getaway Mari-Mari Cultural Village
Island Getaway Manukan Island
Island Getaway Sapi Island
Hotspring Retreat Poring Hotspring
Sightseeing Desa Cattle Dairy Farm
Sightseeing Mount Kinabalu
Sightseeing Kinabalu National Park
Sightseeing The Tip of Borneo
Island Getaway Pearl Island